Together, Spotify And Echo Nest Want To Build The Facebook Connect Of Music

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“We want to enable straight playback from Spotify on other services,” CEO Daniel Ek tells me. It’s part of why his company just acquired The Echo Nest, the top music personalization and discovery API in the industry. “We’ve both invested in platform approaches to music,” EchoNest’s CEO Jim Lucchese explains. “To combine those creates such a cool opportunity for developers anywhere that music lives.”

In a joint interview with the two CEOS, Ek tells me the acquisition was a natural fit. “We have a long relationship with the guys at Echo Nest that stems back to 2007 before Spotify was even launched as a service publicly. We’ve been working together for a few years. We look at the world in the same way.” Their mutual mission? “Getting people to listen to even more music” Ek says. “It was pretty clear that the best way to do that was to be one company…

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